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The Aunix are the first people who inhabited the continent of Akenland, they can directly trace their lineage back to the first humans ever created: Limiel, Aevii, and Stranon. After Stranon was killed their children went on to populate the first tribe of the land. Ethryn scripture says Asar himself created each child of Aevii a spouse and for 7 generations after Aevii's children did the same. It was at the seventh Generation that Asar called the people of the Holy Light or Aunix and created a leader named Themyn.


The word Aunix is from an ancient dialect of Thurèdo meaning Light (Auni) of the good (ixè).


Faenma, goddess from Emith and Asar, first came upon Akenland in the Triskelion Constellation. Exploring the lands and seas the Goddess formed her own creations, one of which was Man. Sculpting beings like her from the stone of a mountain, she chose the blood of many creatures she wished to instill their spirit into her new being and poured this blood into the stone sculptures, took some strands of knowledge from the whisps of time, and used small piece of the Aurem stone for their eyes and kissed them. Immediately the beings gasped to life. She looked upon her creatures she had created. the first she named Stranon. The second she realized she had given it too much to. Gently she whispered the being to sleep. While sleeping Faenma cut the being in half. Each half got half of the strengths she had given them and they grew a whole new half to their body. She called one a man and the other a woman. They were each equals in strength but individual in powers. Thus Limiel and Aevii were created. Yaenom, Faenma's uncle, awoke after the birth of her creation and sent his Sprites of Chaos who killed Stranon, the first death on Akenland.

The First Born[edit]

Limiel and Aevii had seven children: Phameon, Nyphora, Drebnon, Oddiem, Aldor, Emius, Gaeleon. Each of these children, after Asar awoke, were given spouses who were each created for them. This lead to the birth of the First Generation, Asar also made Spouses for all of this generation and continued to do so until the Seventh Generation. This was known as the Time of Man.

The Aunix[edit]

After the Seventh Generation the people who descended from Faenma's creation were now considered Good and of the Light. Which Asar called them The Aunix and Created one last being Thenym, their leader. After this Asar bestowed his magic and left more of the Aurem Stone in his Eyes. After this Asar returned to his slumber and left the Aunix.

Exploration Era[edit]

After many ages of using the same land a famine struck the homeland of the Aunix and forced them to expand outwards and form colonies around Akenland to farm and nourish the entirety of the population. However one colony wondered beyond the mountain and were lost for many years from the Tribe. A generation or two later the Aunix reconnected with the lost Colony and accepted their independence as a new Tribe due to distance and they had established their own customs.