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First came the Aunix. Many generations later a clan of Aunix people wondered out into the wilderness to settle the lands beyond the mountain. They weren't heard from again. Lost they became the Wargs, once they made contact with the Aunix again they decided to become their own people and formally split with their mother tribe.

Many years later a noble in the Aunix rose to a high court position under the Aunix Thain: Lord Arnie. Another Lord living in Oevo Rhea came to power by claiming the Jewel from the heavens (seed of the tree of harmony) as a devine sign of nobility and right to power. Lord Arnie burned the small village and the people revolted against this and after the conflict, though beloved by the people of Oevo Rhea, the Thain allowed them to branch off and vowed to keep his nobility away from their new Realm. The Family of the Lord keeper of the old stone from the heavens became the new Royal Thainship.

After this the Aunix, Wargs, and Ebori lived in peace founding a new system of cooperation called the Cult of Rykan. Autonomous tribes of Aunix also got representation in this Cult too. Years passed and many sages held many successive meetings until one General of the Wargs tribe grew power hungry and vowed to rule all the lands under one throne. All the sages fought this gaining the backing of the Ebori. The Aunix and autonomous tribes abstained from conflict wishing to be left out of an unwanted war. In attempting to sway the tribes into simply siding with the Wolf Lord the lotus blades were forged and given out to the tribe leaders. One for the Aunix, one for the Wolf Lord, one for the Ebori. The leadership of the sholk faction of the Aunix took kindly to this and decreed alliance with the Wargs. The Aunix were not happy and many sholks revolted as did the other Aunix tribe of Rhùns. Seeing a rebellion in what was now warg territory the wolf lord went to war with all Aunix kind. Attempting to subdue them. This turned into a great and horrendous genocide of the Rhùns, Aunix, and Sholks. Shocked by the terror of the wolf lords actions a small tribe of Wargs broke into the Underforge and crafted the last lotus blade and gave it to the Rhùn tribe unwittingly thinking they were just Aunix. Once the wolf lord discovered this he had each member of the tribe targeted by assassins however they were able to flee to an unknown location safe from harm. The Aunix were powerless with no lotus blades and sought shelter with the Rhùns and Sholks who used the swords to march out of their home lands into the far stretches of the North and south. As war raged on all remaining Aunix in the center perished as did many small tribes of Ebori and Wargs. At the end the Alchemists locked the wolf Lord in time and they paid the price of being eternally locked out of space to keep the wolf Lord from causing anymore damage. Thus ending the war.

Torn from war the Warg Kingdom collapsed into farming villages and outposts around their former lands and colonies. The Ebori were on the verge of collapse as their brethren principalities came to the rescue funding reconstruction of the Thaindom. Years after and the Great Empire of Eborin was founded after the union of the 4 crowns and the union of the lands. The lands of Eborin prospered and rebuilt until modern times after a short civil war between the east and west of the Thaindom. Meanwhile the Sholks and Rhùns have slowly began to resettle the center lands and found new kingdoms and tribes closer to Akenland.